Modern website design

So, let's get started.

To begin, let's define what factors determine the modernity of a website. Many web designers think that the more technological innovations such as cinemagraphs, 3D graphics or VR they cram into a site, the more modern it will be (and weigh like three whales holding the earth). In fact, the modernity of the site determines only the correspondence to the user's immediate requests.

Let's try to explain. Imagine what it takes to make a modern website design in 2021 for a target audience of 20-25 years old. After carefully analyzing the interests, views and priorities of the audience, you come to the conclusion that minimalism and colorfulness will be in fashion next year. Starting from this trend, you take on the development and make a site in a minimalistic style of two-color halftone reproduction with designer fonts.

The result – the page is trending, gives the highest conversion and all in chocolate.

However, a year will pass, and the created page will lose positions. This will not happen due to the lack of technical nuances, but only because the preferences of the target audience (20-25 years old) will change – youth, she is so unstable.

Therefore, thetemporary design of websites determines, first of all, compliance with the interests and tastes of the audience for which it is created. And taking into account that with the advent of smartphones, the Internet has become more personalized, it is necessary to take into account the tastes of each specific person, singling out from the mass those rare passions that are not characteristic of this layer of users, but can quickly interest them. Like black ice cream – some people liked it, but it soon became a trend.

Website Design Trends 2021

Modern trends in the development of web design are as fickle as fashion. However, after analyzing popular web resources and sites of large companies, I highlighted the main tools that make a page creative and beautiful:

  1. Bright colors – one of the trends of modern design. Bright pages are complemented by the simplest geometric patterns, design illustrations or animations that make the style;
  2. "Chaotic" placement of blocks – a kind of departure from perfectionism and centering. In fact, the placement of blocks is carefully thought out and only creates a sense of chaos, remaining within the boundaries of a clear, and most importantly, user-friendly system;
  3. Cinemagraph and full-screen video – moving pictures that carry a meaningful load will never lose their popularity. However, when using this tool, you need to make sure that the video fragment does not block the main information, but only serves as an attention booster;
  4. 3D image – three-dimensional images will allow you to demonstrate the attractive features of the product or create a visual picture of the service in the most colorful and spectacular way, so the popularity of this tool will only grow;
  5. VR/AR – Virtual and augmented reality are only being tested by our designers. However, it is already safe to say that modern site design in the future will be based on the presence of VR or AR technology in the overall design of the page.

Of course, these are far from all the tools and trends that fill the world of modern website design, but the general outline of development can be seen. Examples of using the above solutions can be seen on the pages of well-known manufacturers or popular companies.

Summing up the above, we see that design of a modern site starts with understanding the target audience, the analysis of which will necessarily lead to the correct choice of the tool that is most suitable for the implementation of the design idea. And then it remains only to monitor changes in the interests of the same users and try to offer them fresh solutions before they think about it themselves.

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