Expensive or cheap? Why website design can't cost a penny

Why is a good website expensive, and a cheap one will never live up to expectations?
To understand why the cost of a website cannot be low is easy if you go through the path of creating a web resource and compare the cheap option and the work professionals.
Website design, the price of which is equal to the salary of a cleaning lady, will never shine with the freshness of the idea. The simplest option – stealing an idea from the customer's closest competitor and changing the color scheme continues to be in demand among unscrupulous performers.
What is expensive is what starts with an exclusive idea, which will express the essence of the company. This is achieved through a deep analysis of the target audience and business as a whole. From the idea, a corporate style will be formed that attracts buyers or clients, and therefore brings profit.
Most of the “freelance performers” who work for cheap have not even heard of the project. But at the stage of project development, the client’s wishes are taken into account, the task of the future page is determined, priorities are outlined, and the work of the layout designer or programmer is coordinated with the designer. In fact, the foundation of a future web resource is being laid, which will last for many years, will work, and bring money to the owner.
And without a foundation, only a barn can be built – also useful, but that’s not what I wanted, right?
When a professional web designer creates a layout, he takes into account and works out every little detail, from the location of blocks and functionality to the color scheme and fonts. All work is aimed at achieving a single result – create a unique web resource that clearly positions and presents the customer’s company in the most favorable way. Naturally, this requires spent man-hours of pure labor, so the cost of web site design will not be a penny.
Now ask yourself a question: will a person working for pennies bother or rip together a page in a hurry?
Website design, the price of which is calculated in conventional units, is always filled with 100% unique content. Moreover, content here means not only text fragments, but also photographs taken specifically for this site, and videos professionally filmed and edited to order. Naturally, all this must not only be ordered, but also correctly placed on the page so that the visitor can easily find the information he needs and get the most out of his stay on this site.
The cost of the site is not a price tag pulled out of thin air. This is a precisely calculated amount, behind which is the work of not only the designer, but also a whole team of other people trying to maximize and promote your business through a new tool – web resource.