Differences between a template and an individual design

3 key aspects of an individual design template

So, what makes exclusive website design look like a template:

  1. Swidkist – It will take an hour to develop a unique design. It's a lot of time. This is due to the fact that the designer needs to come up with and implement a lot of speeches: harmoniously arrange the blocks on the page, arrange the color scheme, buy or erase pictures and photos, polish headings and fonts. Working with the template is simpler, even though everything is already divided up – you just need to fill out the finished form;
  2. Varitytemplate website design is much cheaper than the personal work of a designer. It is clear that the deputy plans to buy a template from any professional fakhivtsa, all the same, it will be cheaper, even though the same master will work on a unique project on a personal basis. Cheapness, perhaps, is the main reason, through which the assistants make decisions on the profit of the template;
  3. Vіdomist – This is a bad thing, which makes the site moreunique design. A well-thought-out web resource has a greater chance of becoming like the best at first glance, creating uniqueness. Every person closes the Internet page in 5-10 seconds, because their eyes are not caught on any detail that the cunning designer specially placed there. These very features, finely thought out usability and stylish images will attract the user and, therefore, increase the conversion of the site.

Having understood the differences between the two types of website design, let's take a look at which is better – Individual design and ready-made template.

Template website design – for ta proti

In spite of all the experts and masters of web design, work with templates has been and will be in demand. Creating a web resource with a ready-made template at your fingertips is much easier, and therefore much more convenient for web designers. Depositors can also try this method, even if it guarantees a great result for less money. Let's go in order.

Advantages of template design:

  1. Cheap – Today you can find a unique, cost-free template on the Internet – not a problem, but even a newbie with a bare resume, low qualifications and a monthly salary can fill out the ready-made form. However, while the manager is good, the designer is hungry for death, having gained enough knowledge from the work with alien forms, most masters dismantle the powerful style;
  2. Swidkist – Having a large number of tested, hand-made and ready-to-work templates, a web designer selects a project in just a few days, and with subsequent success, even more. Deputies need such an approach, and they really want the site to start working as quickly as possible, which means that their investments in the development of the pennies will soon pay off.

In fact, this is where the advantages of template design end. And the negative sides of this approach come to the fore:


  • Zero uniqueness – everyone wants to go to the website nay-nay. When choosing a template, you need to understand that there are at least two million people around you with this design option, so you shouldn’t worry about uniqueness;
  • No changes – If you rely on template design, remember that you can’t change anything in configuration, functionality or visualization of the web resource. Therefore, before choosing a template, be careful;
  • Low conversion – People always want something “special”, and having spent time on a template site, the buyer usually doesn’t bother for long, which means he doesn’t buy, doesn’t move from side to side, but simply closes the tab and wanders away.


Working with a template design will soon be simpler, faster and cheaper, rather than end up with such a burn. You can’t imagine any supernatural results. However, since the company wanted to enter the virtual market, in which case the development of a high-quality branded website would require a lot of time, agreeing on a template design would become a way out of the situation. This way you can make a statement about yourself, try out different sales models or analyze the behavior of buyers immediately, and if you have a ready resource, creations for an individual project, it will be enough to switch to a new one, vikorista and draw on the data template.

Advantages of individual design

Creating a unique design for a business company’s website will in the future be the most cost-effective way to develop the Internet market. The advantages of an individual website design in this regard lie in the following:


  • Creation of the brand – The basic concept of a site is often the key to creating a brand, a well-known brand whose products become popular. The designer’s work in this case is based on the advantages and psychology of the target audience, and the idea is instilled into the target audience;
  • Efficiency and comfort – Working with such a web resource will be much easier than with template creations. The web designer specifically examines usability, the military department that stands in front of the site, and adjusts the design to the required action;
  • One look – one of the designer’s main tasks – ndash; Make the guest laugh at the creations of his website from the first glance. Of course, every webmaster needs to know personal tricks, otherwise the result will be lost by the result – The customer logs in to the page, adds it to bookmarks, and subscribes to the delivery of new products;
  • High conversion – The unique design drives hundreds of conversions to the site – That's a fact. Having stumbled upon a stylish and expensive site, the buyer begins to trust, respectfully reads the content, marvels at the new, and the headache – go to the site again.


As you see, the advantage of an individual design is greater, and its disadvantages, ironically, are the advantages of a template – Swidness and varity. The work of a web designer will require a lot of hours or a few months. Naturally, the work of a professional web designer, which deeply interferes with the topic and the specifics of the design, is expensive. However, if the web resource is consumed to a minimum, it turns out that the cost of advertising and promotion is much lower than when working with a template project, and so is the profitability of the product. And then, such an investment pays off faster.