Choosing the right images when creating a website design

The role of photography in web design

The advent of digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop opened up new horizons for site designers. Today photos in web design have become the most productive way of visualization. However, in order for the chosen photo to fully meet the customer's expectations and become an effective tool for attracting the audience, the designer needs to decide what type of photo he needs:

  • Informative – in fact, any images for the site should carry clear information and a message. An informative photo allows the user to determine at a glance what content the site is filled with and whether it meets his expectations and needs. A simple example, the image on the main page of one large travel agency shows the visitor a great view of a landscape popular among tourists. That is, a person who visited the site immediately understands – they sell travel here and that's what I need;
  • Personal – a method invented long before the appearance of web design, and the concept of design in particular. A method that allows using an image to convey the positive qualities of a product or service directly to the buyer's mind. An artist who draws on the cover of a women's novel a handsome man holding a graceful female body in his arms gives the buyer the opportunity to see herself in the female figure, in the arms of a passionate handsome man. Done, the book is bought and the lady sheds a sea of tears over the pages of the novel. this is the simplest example of using an image as a sales promotion tool. Choosing portrait images for the site, you will in any case attract the attention of the visitor – recognition of human persons is embedded in the subconscious;
  • If prompted – photos that clearly evoke emotions in the viewer. The most vivid example – PSAs. The selection of images, the informativeness of the pictures, and most importantly, the directional power of the photographs there is undeniable. By the way, motivating photos are most suitable for selling services, because they reflect, first of all, the emotions that the buyer will receive after purchasing the service;
  • Involving – juicy, colorful photos that usually show the item, product or service in a positive light. A professionally designed photo of a hamburger definitely creates an appetite, so if you want to sell a product, use this type of photo. If you want to see some bright examples – visit online stores of major manufacturers of clothes, shoes, cosmetics or other goods.

Perhaps, the classification given here is a bit rough, but it accurately reflects the importance of a well-chosen photo in web design.

Where to get images for design?

Where can I find suitable images for website design? If you ask this question to a designer who deals with low-cost projects, you will get an unequivocal answer – in the photobank. If the question is put to a professional who does big projects for expensive companies, the answer will be – order from a photographer (illustrator, artist). Let's consider both options in more detail:

  • Photobank (photostock)– Today, any photo can be found in one of the photobanks, the number of which is growing like yeast in a good steam. However, to find a photo that perfectly reflects the concept of the site or positively characterizes the product, it may take more than one week. A significant advantage of such a search is ndash; cheapness, a significant minus – the designer will be forced to adapt to the size and format of the selected photo;
  • Order from the photographer – by contacting a professional photographer, the designer receives a 100% unique photo that has not been used anywhere and by anyone, and therefore the optimization of the page with such an image will be much easier. The second pleasant aspect is that you will receive an image that perfectly reflects all the necessary nuances of the product, carries a lot of information and encourages action. The disadvantage of this approach – high cost of work of a professional photographer.

Conclusion. The right choice of images for the site depends on the concept of the page, the target audience, the artistic taste of the designer and, of course, the budget. However, one single principle remains the main one. the picture should "catch", but what are the strings of the human soul to aim for – depends only on the designer.